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The Firm

The Nardi and Roncelli Law Firm provides civil and administrative law counsel and litigation services to Italian and foreign companies and multinational corporation groups active in the chemical, manufacturing, automotive, pharmaceutical, food, logistics and real estate sectors. 


Since our founding in 1997, the Nardi and Roncelli Law Firm’s mission has been to provide highest-quality, most cost-effective, timely legal service to our clients possible, with an unrelenting focus on the client’s business goals. We specialize in complex commercial contracts, complex corporate deals, corporate governance and environmental, health and safety compliance in the workplace or factory.


Over the years, the Nardi and Roncelli Law Firm has helped numerous firms navigate the cross-border legal, regulatory and administrative law challenges that face any business seeking to pursue opportunities and grow in the global marketplace. Through well-established relationships with a global network of reputable foreign firms, the Firm routinely and seamlessly manages a wide variety of its clients’ legal activities outside of Italy, including but not limited to: international agreements, registrations, licenses, and other administrative requirements of foreign and/or EU authorities, and proceedings before foreign Courts and international arbitration chambers.


Every day, our clients face a complex, sometimes novel legal challenges. At Nardi and Roncelli we take pride in our ability to formulate efficient, cost-effective multidisciplinary strategies to minimize our client’s potential risks. Particularly in the environmental protection field, a transaction or investment may require the combined analysis of several legal perspectives, including civil, administrative and, in some cases, criminal law expertise, to arrive to a resolution. Our combined approach allows the client to properly evaluate all the issues involved, from asset protection issues for companies to the potential personal liability exposure for management, and to identify and execute the best resolution promptly.

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